Our team is passionately committed to quality.


First of all: because „you shall work only accurately and neatly like, the stars traveling in the sky”.

Secondly, because every single effort, can create its own success.

We are living in a world, where it becomes more and more popular to using and selling disappointing and awful products.
We are proud of our products. For our partners, we provide customized solutions which are better in the long term, but this is also increasingly right for the medium and short term.


WINART – The Art of Winning. The art of winning, the path of winning.

Our leader colleagues are working in the ball business since twenty years. They have great knowledge and experiences in tailoring, painting, lining, stitching, etc.. and they know all the tricks and details.

We do not give out low- quality product of our hands, so our partners shall notice, that we recommend our products to professional and semi-professional users, and those who demand for the quality. We can provide you this theory not only in case of our balls, but in every products, we have.

Our experience is also acquired by professionals, who have been there for when 32-panels ball placed in the manufactures of Eastern Europe, and back to several decades we paid attention to the big, international ball brands, and ball types development, including the latest welding technology.
Despite of we exist in current form only since 2 years, we can serve you from a significant home stored stock.

Because of this, when we developed our portfolio, we paid attention to, not only domestic, but the global market needs. So our products are competitive in foreign markets, and technically we are at the same level as the world known brands. Even more, we try to cover all possible serious ball types. We don’t spend millions of dollars for marketing, which must be paid by the customers. Because of this our high quality products can be at least 50% cheaper than a world brand’s same model.

Are our products expensive? It’s also important for us, to be our products reachable, so we offer you them in different categories and prices. So we have prices for everyone. We try to sell some of our handmade products not more than 20-30% higher price than others machine made awful quality ball.
Sometimes every cent counts, but it’s also true, that choosing the lowest price product
can be a bad decision. And because of this, sometimes the customers must pay twice.
Sometimes a low quality product could ruin the joy of the game.

We are not interested in just selling something, our goal is the satisfied customer.
We would like to find solution your needs. We would like to give advices. We would like to make long term partnerships.

We could customize our products, depending on your needs, from  around 50 pieces.

This is our mission. This is where we are good. This is, what our colleagues did in the last 25 years. And this is what, we would like to do, hopefully with your support, in the future.